Open-ness to Open-Source My Amazing Tech Journey

Being open is at the root of democratisation. Knowledge gets trapped in languages, books and always in educational systems. Getting that knowledge out of the classrooms is challenging stuff. While world is striving for novelty the open-ness movement has started taking shape. From my childhood days, I have been always a follower of openness and hence hardly school walls could trap me inside. Openness is democratisation of knowledge, information or infrastructure that could allow you to build knowledge. Open source movement is about making these artefacts, source code or avenues to reach, avenues to build and avenues to reciprocate knowledge available publicly. This can allow everyone to make his hand dirty, everyone to contribute and build knowledge sources, use knowledge sources. Whether it could be Google or Microsoft scientist or coder next door everyone has same access to information and knowledge repositories and that is in true sense open source. I think Saint Dn

Article One: GSoC – More than an internship

It was September and I was thinking of some really nice internship to work on real life problems. Though there are many internships available very few really give you required exposure to real life problems. Off course real research internships at start-ups is exception to it. But then there are challenges about selecting right start-up organisation . When these thoughts were crowding my mind, I started to search for internship opportunities. This took me to GSOC page. When I gone through the data, I really liked the way it is organised , the immaculate process and exposure for students. Open source movement has always attracted me and since GSOC gives opportunity for students to contribute to open source it was on top of my list. I really began dreaming about it, I contacted seniors and students who have completed it in past. The more information I acquired about GSoC, the more I got fascinated about it. I even found that the contents, process and value created through this internsh